Towing & Auto Repair in Wheatfield, NY


Heavy Equipment Towing in Wheatfield NYFrom emergency towing to repairing your car, we have helped motorists and businesses across Wheatfield for over 40 years. With our teams located close by, we quickly provide relief to anyone in need around the community. 

Emergency Towing & Heavy Towing Services

Our fleet of tow trucks is fully equipped to tow regular vehicles as well as commercial trucks and machinery. We can transport your vehicle to Wheatfield and destinations across Niagara County. Along with recovering vehicles, we also provide emergency roadside assistance services for drivers that include jumpstarting cars, transporting fuel or helping with lockouts. If you need any assistance with towing services, contact our team today!


Auto Repair Services

Along with bringing vehicles to safety, at Military Towing, we offer a large range of auto repair services for vehicles of any make or model. We cover basic tune-up services for your vehicle as well as extensive, emergency repairs. Our skilled mechanics are ready to complete any repair necessary to make your vehicle work smoothly once again. Our service center is open regularly for business, please contact our office if you need to schedule service on your vehicle today!

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